Maintenance of a Tenant-Occupied House

Every cent counts. This especially applies when it comes to your asset. It already can be prohibitive to repaint the window frames of your estate. Not to speak of new glazing, a new modern heating system or renewing the front of your building. For retention of your estate repairs can be essential, and you never want to save on the quality of services.

To not let the issue of maintenance keep you up at night, we gauge with you which maintenance services make sense within the boundary of your financial situation and how you can profit directly from investing in those measurements.

When the maintenance of a tenant-occupied house or an urgent repair is needed, we will obtain offers  or procure an competent craftsman. When it come to bigger projects we also offer to service as your general contractor taking care of the coordination of all necessary works.

You are planning a specific building measure and are looking for a contractor? Contact us, we are looking forward to your project!