Book Keeping and Dunning

As much as you add to the creation of housing, you will not let only out of good human motives. The property should be able to finance it’s maintenance and all it’s occurring expenses. But do you really know how efficient your estate is?

To determine if your property is able to finance itself or even makes profit a proper book keeping is obligatory. How else are you going to know what your property really earns or costs? After this fisr step is taken, we can search for ways to increase your income. Included in this are measurements of reduction to save costs or increasing your rent and a more efficient dunning.

If your tenant is not paying on time, we will react immediately. We will take care of reminders, dunnings and possibly instant dismissals of rental agreements or an action for possession. Rigorously monitoring all deadlines, so your claim can be alleged as fast as possible. That way you will end up having enough fund, even after all expenses have been subtracted, to invest in your estate. Which in the end also your tenants will like.