Community association

The bigger the community association, the more complicated the organisation of the community association’s meeting.

Different interests of owner-occupiers and letting owners often are reason enough for being a bit short of domestic bliss within the association. This can lead to annual meetings that will be rather turbulent.

To have enough time and space to be able to focus on the main issues and decisions regarding your property, within the community association, we will maneuver you around every shoal from the start. That way we make sure, the unnecessary potential for conflicts will be minimized, all relevant informations are in your hands in time and every party’s view will be considered. When it comes to economic success of your real estate we are all acting in concert:

  • We will prepare everything for your community association’s gatherng on time. We are taking care of the date, a room, gather the open decisions, questions to answer and all other relevant information and arrange those into the agenda.
  • Community association meetings always will be pronounced with enough time between the meeting and the notification of it. That way you are having plenty of time to make sure you are able to attend the meeting, to submit your matter to the agenda and so inform yourself about respective subjects.
  • As your service of condominium we will run and anchor the meeting, give the meeting a constructive direction and, if desired, will provide you with our expert view on your subjects.
  • For every community association meeting we will create a full protocol of decision, in which every decision made will be written down. This script will be provided to all owners. The process of the meeting will be under the strict rules of the condominium act and in strict accordance with the community’s regulations. Therefore you can rely on all your decisions being made during the meeting are binding for every party. Do you have questions regarding your community association meeting? Contact us via email or call us! We look forward to advise you.