Common charge billing

The common charge billing is an important option for you as a property owner, to check if your service of condominium worked conscientious. The administrator breaks down the compound of your common charge including all important matters of expenses: litter service, sewage charge, insurances and garden care, as well as their own administration charge.

The billing will be provided to you, the property owner and, after you carefully checked the paper, it will be discussed and presented for acceptance in a community association meeting. If you will find any mismatches within the billing, in some circumstances you should discuss, switching the administrator. When the common charge billing is inherently consistent and will be accepted, the next financial year’s expenses will be calculated based on the billing.

Many homeowners feel like the audit of the common charge billing is complicated and time consuming. That is why we are not only creating your billing but also support you with the audit, by explaining it in your community association meeting in great detail. That way you always stay on top of things when it comes to the shares of your billing and can convince yourself about the quality of our work.