Adoption of administration

The transition to a new contractor always is a new beginning. That is why we count on a open, communicative relationship when it comes to the adoption of your administration. We are providing you with expert consulting and great support, so your trust in us will last for a long period of time.

When adopting an administration of another contractor we will take care of all communication that is necessary so we will get all the rudimentary information needed. We make sure, that all relevant documents of your former administrator will be fully delivered and will examine all books, receipts, billings, protocols and contracts that piled up regarding your property. We also create every common charge billing that wasn’t finished when transitioning the administration. That will give you the security of not having to fear any administrative obscurties about if the new administration or the resigned one might have been in charge here.

To get an idea of the current state of your real estate, we are going to examine your property personally. Based on all the information we are getting, together we are planning a first common association meeting, in which we will discuss with you your specific ideas of the future administration of your estate, the financial situation and if the economic plan should be renewed for your property.

Contact us and arrange a consulting appointment, any time! We look forward to hear from you.