Administration advisory council

As your administration advisory council you will receive the trust of your community association and have the opportunity to influence the decisions regarding your real estate directly. However, out of this duty yield specific expectations of the other owners. Our duty as your administrator is to save you some labour and to communicate between you, the property owners and the service, further more we advise and support you with our expertise and experience.

We keep you informed about all subjects, therefore you can easily answer the questions of all the other owners within the community association, even before they are asking. We set great value upon effective communication, so you can easily execute your duty as administration advisory council, hassle-free. Involving you in arranging the community association meeting, discussing the agenda and will provide you with a proper commercial accounting, which will give you a great overview over all the bank accounts, upkeeping reserve and payed bills. If you have any wishes or matters you want to get advise on, feel free to contact us! No matter how short your question, we are happy to support with our expertise.