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Overseas Property

Buying overseas property is an investment in your personal and financial future. You do not take such a big step simply because you want to own a tower block. You hope to draw regular income from your property. We help you achieve that goal in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way possible.

Overseas property / Wir machen Ihre Immobile fit für die Zukunft. Ganz ohne Kristallkugel.

We don’t need to see the future to make you property a success.

We have been based in Berlin for years, so we know the market, prices and relevant legislation like the back of our hand. If you own a property in the area or are planning on buying one, we support you wherever necessary.

We provide both property management and homeowners’ association management services, and other than a traditional property manager, we employ our own qualified construction workers for all repair and maintenance work your property may need. We work hard to make your overseas property a sustainable and successful investment.

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