Letting in Germany

Once you have made the decision to invest in a flat in Berlin, you will realise that finding the right property is only the start. If you want your investment to pay off, you will need to find a tenant, and that will most likely involve some German language skills, bureaucracy and an appointment or two. If you do not want the hassle of doing all that yourself, give us a call.

Letting: Rent collection and legal issues

lettingOur apartment managers are happy to see your investment through all the initial phases, find a reliable tenant for you and deal with all the paperwork. We take care of rent collection and – if necessary – dunning and legal steps. We make sure your tenants comply with any rules and regulations and provide 24/7 emergency services in case something important breaks down. We deal with energy suppliers, insurance companies and contractors, and we coordinate and oversee maintenance and repair.

Our apartment managers provide you with full services around your property, so it’s value is preserved and your investment is sustainable and profitable.