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AXIUM Apartment Manager

Apartment Manager in Berlin

In Germany, any flat you buy is usually freehold. Leasehold is not very common here, which means that once you have bought your flat, you own it exclusively and with no lease required. You also share ownership of things like stairwells, hallways and any other parts of the so called commonhold with other members of the owners’ association. Within the boundaries of your freehold property you can do as you please: you may let your flat, give it away, live there or leave it vacant as, long as you don’t damage any of the commonhold.

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You sit back and let us do the work!

So, if you own a flat in Berlin and don’t want to live there, you can simply let it. You could also buy a flat specifically for letting, and treat it as an investment. You don’t need anyone’s permission.

What you do need, is an apartment manager in Berlin. Someone to provide a German address, deal with your tenant, keep your accounts and taxes in order, oversee the maintenance of your freehold property, take care of any legal issues and represent your interests in commonhold owners’ meetings. All of it in German. This is where we come in. We do all of this on a daily basis, and we are happy to assist you! You needn’t worry about German bureaucracy, complaints from your tenants, rent collection or insurance. By raising the rent on a regular basis we see to it that your investment pays off. And of course we are always here for you, in case you have any questions.

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