General contractor

You want your construction project run properly and professional, but you yourself don’t have the time nor the expertise? As your general contractor we are taking care of contracts with the mechanics of all crafts, find solutions of all small day-to-day problems on the construction site, over take the check of quality and perform the final acceptance of performance. We bring your construction project to a close, without any hassle for you.

We have yearslong experience in this industry, know the prices and are able to estimate your risks realistically. Further more we recommend a number of approved and reliable mechanics. With us as your general contractor you can calculate on an outstanding outcome of your construction project, no matter how comprehensive.

  • As general contractor we are keeping an eye on your whole construction project.
  • We take care of the time-wise and technical coordination of all structural services.
  • We choose approved partner companies and various mechanics of different crafts and assign them.
  • During all the construction phase we will monitor all workings and ensure their qualities.
  • We guarantee the observance of all workings, costs and deadlines and inform you continuously about your construction projects current state.
  • After duct and inspection of all services and workings we consign the finished structure to you.

Contact us via mail or call us today! We willingly counsel you on your future constructional project.