Online Housewarming Party! New AXIUM Website Now Open for Visitors.

Neue AXIUM WebsiteNow that our beautiful new digital home is ready for visitors, we’d like to invite you to take a look around. AXIUM Group has a shiny new website that has now been translated into English as well. It is not quite finished, of course, but good websites never really are. It will continue to grow, have more pages, news and some FAQs added.

We have a lot of clients from outside of Germany who invest in our real estate markets, and we see on a daily basis what problems they encounter, what they need to know about Berlin and which pitfalls would have been easy to avoid. That’s why we want to share relevant and useful information with readers from all over the world. There are so many questions asked about the Berlin market, our jurisdiction and bureaucracy, that are easily answered in a few short sentences. Here, we have a space to do that. If you have specific questions that have not been addressed, yet, find us on Twitter or Facebook! Talk to us, we’re happy to help. And we’ll know what’s on your mind for our next article, too.